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This engine produces 200HP weighing the same as a Rotax© 915iS or slightly less depending on the installation.

We perform the following to your engine:

  • Modern sequential fuel and ignition control
  • Autronic ECU operated
  • Turcbocharged for superior power to weight ratio and high altitude performance (Garrett GTX-performance turbo w/ceramic ball bearings)
  • Dry sump oil lubrication system
  • No oil cooler required
  • Billet AL6061/AL7075 CNC machined valve cover and intake plenum
  • Billet CNC machined Sky-Trax PSRU with Rotax 912 + SAE1 bolt pattern
  • Mil-spec Raychem DR-25 P&P motorsport wiring harness
  • Forged CP-Carrillo turbo pistons with anti-detonation grooves, teflon and ceramic coatings
  • ARP head studs
  • Cometic MLS head gasket
  • S321 TIG welded turbo manifold
  • Built on complete overhauled engines including new wear parts, vapor honing, ultrasonic cleaning, head re-work etc.