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About STOL Creek

About STOL Creek

Hello I am Michael Busenitz. I grew up on a farm in Whitewater, Kansas. I didn’t mind the farm work for the most part but what I really enjoyed was the mechanic work on the farm and that is what I did best. My mom remembers me always taking things apart, figuring out the problem and how it worked, fixing it, and then putting it back together. This type of work has always come natural for me. I loved doing this from bicycles to microwaves. I have always enjoyed helping people, and have used my mechanics skills the Lord has blessed me with to do just that. Since I can remember I have loved airplanes and had a desire to fly. I got my first airplane ride as a kid and instantly fell in love. My wife says it is in my blood and there is nothing she can do to keep me on the ground.

I earned my private pilot’s certificate during my senior year of high school and I took a trip to Mexico. I spent 10 days helping a missionary pilot friend as he did some medical flights and flew supplies in to remote missionaries in the mountains. That trip really cemented my love for airplanes and the work they are capable of doing for the Lord Jesus. After high school and then enrolled at Cowley County Community College in their Airframe & Power Plant course. After earning my A&P certificate I attended Calvary Bible College for a year to take Bible classes and learn about missions. It was there that I met my wife Hannah. We were engaged and married two years later. We started off married life in Whitewater, Kansas. I got a Job at Midwest Corporate Aviation in Wichita and gained a lot of experience on Cessna, Beechcraft and other typical GA aircraft. While in Whitewater we found out we were expecting a baby and fell in love with our first daughter Lila. Aircraft work in Wichita began to get tight from the 2008 recession and an opportunity arose to move to Wyoming and work for Backcountry Supercubs in Douglas, Wyoming. Before we moved I found it would be useful to get my inspection authorization. I promptly took a trip to Oklahoma and passed the exam. We then packed our things and moved out west. We loved Douglas, Wyoming and I really enjoyed learning to build Supercubs. I acquired a lot of building skills and knowledge about experimental aircraft as we built almost everything on the airplane at the factory. This included welded parts such as the fuselage, all the sheet metal, fabric and painting, as well as a lot of fiberglass parts (cowling, wing tips, and spinner).

This grew my love for bush planes and experimental aircraft. The flying out west is beautiful, if you ever get the chance to go that way I highly recommend it. As time marched on we had our second child; our son Titan. We also felt the call to adoption and a longing to be closer to family. We moved back to Kansas in 2013 and 3 weeks later adopted our little girl Emree. She is such a joy in our lives. Back in Kansas I took a job managing an automotive service and tire shop in the Whitewater area. In 2015 we had our fourth child Saige. With my love for all things flying, airplanes and mechanics, we decided to pursue my dream of not only working in aviation but working from home with my family. It is very important to me to train up my children to honor Christ. With the combination of me working from home so my children can work beside me and my wife Hannah homeschooling them, It makes for a very good environment for raising kids. This environment the Lord has provided us with has also opened a door for us to minister to foster children. We have had multiple children come through our home and continue to foster young children to give them a safe, stable, fun loving environment. 

We acquired 10 acres of land in the country near Whitewater Kansas. With a lot of hard work, (doing most of it ourselves) planning, craigslisting and long nights of framing, blowing insulation, hanging sheet rock, painting, and installing cabinets we built our Hanger/Shop/House. My wife and I designed an 85×80 metal building and finished out a part of the inside to be a two story 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath house. The whole backside of the building is my insulated hanger/shop. We also smoothed out part of our 10 acres for a 1600ft grass runway that is looking really nice after being planted to buffalo grass. In 2017 we attended the EAA Oshkosh airshow. We all thoroughly enjoyed camping out and exploring Oshkosh. It was there that I discovered the need for Rotax repair as well as experimental and ultra-light maintenance in the Wichita area.

Soon after I attended The Rotax factory training and became a certified independent Rotax Repair Center and Technician. These classes came natural for me and I am thankful for the opportunity to learn and grow my knowledge in this area. Upon my return we decided to go for it and started STOL Creek Aviation LLC. STOL Creek is an independent Rotax repair center for all 2 and 4 stroke Rotax aircraft engines as well a full line sales dealer for Hirth Engines, Edge Performance and Stewart Systems covering supplies. I also can help you with any aircraft needs as far as pre-buy inspections, building or covering, annual inspections, engine overhauls, and gearbox service. I am so thankful for how the Lord has blessed my family with this place, and I want to spread my love for flying and use my mechanics skills to help people. I am a local EAA chapter 88 member in Wichita and have enjoyed getting to know more and more people in the area with experimental aircraft or just love to fly. Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions or just want to chat airplanes.


STOL Creek Aviation offers a wide range of services for your Light Sport, Experimental or Ultralight. We are a also dealer of a variety of different products.

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STOL Creek Aviation was established in 2017. Learn more about Michael Busenitz’s expierence and the history of STOL Creek Aviation.

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