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14310 NW 70th St.

Whitewater, KS 67154

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“Michael Busenitz is quick to respond …can work on your rotax engine needs in a very timely manner, he is thorough, well versed in aviation engines, works without wasting time and is very reasonably priced! SUCH a different experience to the only other rotax IRMT available in KS for many years! Michael & STOL Creek Aviation ROTAX service is a real blessing for me! Highly recommended! 110% totally HONEST!”

Christine Toevs

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My family and I would love to meet you! Please feel free to fly in and check out our place anytime! Everyone is welcome to land here, but keep in mind that it is a private strip, and you will be landing at your own risk. I cannot guarantee the safety of the airstrip for obvious liability reasons. As pilot in command, you will have to make that call.

37.93° North -97.10° West

Elevation 1360ft


STOL Creek Aviation offers a wide range of services for your Light Sport, Experimental or Ultralight. We are a also dealer of a variety of different products.

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STOL Creek Aviation was established in 2017. Learn more about Michael Busenitz’s expierence and the history of STOL Creek Aviation.

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