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11 hours ago

Zenith CH701 for sale!

Selling for a friend, 2010 Zenith CH701. N1099Z, 280hrs total time, 100hp Rotax 912. Located in NE Wyoming.

11 hours ago

Challenger II for sale!

Putting N90824 up for sale. Built in 2006 but then sat for ten years. In 2016 at 17hrs plane was rebuilt and Rotax 503 was overhauled. 125hrs on the plane now. Great flying aircraft, long wing, ... See more

1 week ago
Heavenbound Aviation

We are excited to be able to offer badland aircraft sales & service here as the western Heavenbound location!
Contact us for an awesome 103 Ultralite kit or ready to fly aircraft.

We are excited to announce that Heavenbound Aviation has become a dealer for Badlands Aircraft! We believe that off airport flying is one of the most fun ways to fly! It’s time for off airport ... See more

1 week ago
Photos from STOL Creek Aviation LLC's post

Edge performance flight test numbers.

My copilot was about as excited as me to test this new engine out!

Hard for me to give a back to back comparison since it is not my plane and I am not used to ... See more

2 weeks ago
Photos from STOL Creek Aviation LLC's post

This EDGE big bore kit is so pretty that it was almost hard to cover it up and put the heads back on.🤩

2 weeks ago

Edge Performance install update.
#EFI #1484ccbigbore #120hp

2 weeks ago
Photos from STOL Creek Aviation LLC's post

A little updating on a Cessna today. Off with the old bulky generator and on with the PLANE-POWER STC alternator. The paperwork is half the job😩.

1 month ago

Smooth up at 7500’ headed back to Missouri, thanks to STOL Creek Aviation Llc for showing me around, what a great place, check them out!


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