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1 week ago
EDGE Performance EPeX300Ti

Congratulations Steve Henry on winning the first annual Lone Star STOL Competition in your EDGE powered highlander.

2 weeks ago
Photos from STOL Creek Aviation LLC's post

A new voltage regulator option for our 9 series Rotax engines. B&C Specialty Products has built a brand new replacement voltage regulator for the stock Ducati units. They knocked this one out of the ... See more

2 weeks ago
Sling Central

I've been working with John Meyer on the plan for his Sling 4 that is coming to us soon and although the decision is not final, he's been looking at an EdgePerformance As Rotax 914STi which we will ... See more

3 weeks ago

My ride today 😍

1 month ago
EdgePerformance As

Coming SOON!!! A great option for more electrical power.

Finally we can finalize the new “15A slim-alternator”.

1 month ago

Much better than any erector set. This will fly when it is done. Titan is pumped.
#quicksilver #fathersontime

1 month ago
EdgePerformance As

We are introducing another engine in our portfolio, EP914Ti.

A 125HP turbo and fuel injected engine, weighting 2Kg less than a 914 costing the same as a 914. More power, less weight, fuel injection ... See more

1 month ago

Coyotes invading the shop!

2 months ago
EdgePerformance As

A short demo of how to use our circlip plunger tool. Be very careful when installing the circlip into the plunger so that it does not over-compress. Make sure the circlip opening joint is at the ... See more

2 months ago
Photos from STOL Creek Aviation LLC's post

Some sheet-metal work in the shop today. Radiator louvers.


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