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3 days ago
Photos from STOL Creek Aviation LLC's post

Installing EDGE Performance fuel injection with turbo this week 💪

2 weeks ago
Photos from STOL Creek Aviation LLC's post

Took a fast airplane to work on a slow airplane😎 #servicecall #debonair #bushcat

2 weeks ago

Quicksilver tail section done.

1 month ago
Photos from STOL Creek Aviation LLC's post

Just a little change in size 🤣

1 month ago
Photos from STOL Creek Aviation LLC's post

Another RANS out there with more power. Randy Crawford flew up here and got an EDGE Performance 1484cc big bore and 1in compensating tube.

1 month ago
EdgePerformance As

Excited to see what this does on the dyno. This one is going on a local Sling 4 with an intercooler.

Our all new EP914Ti ready to rip. Break in on the test stand today, and it will go on the dyno 17/6. We hope for 120-125HP, and it is lighter than a 914, costing about the same but with EFI included ... See more

2 months ago

Newest tool in the shop!!! Let me know if you need your propeller balanced.

3 months ago
EDGE Performance RANS S-20

Sneak peek at Jeff’s Rans S-20 Build.

A look at a first time builder who is installing a 154hp EDGE Performance EP912STi engine in his RANS S-20 Raven. Jeff plans to have his plane flying by summ...

4 months ago
ROTAX 912uls 600hr Gearbox Inspection

New video up. Check it out and let me know what kind of content you would like to see.

Follow along as I remove, inspect & reinstall the gearbox from a Rotax 912uls for the 600hr inspection. www.stolcreek.com

4 months ago
EDGE Performance EPeX300Ti

Congratulations Steve Henry on winning the first annual Lone Star STOL Competition in your EDGE powered highlander.


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