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The flagship of the EDGE Rotax based engines is the 154hp/182NM EP912STi with a brand new Rotax 912ULS as the core engine. Some of the advantages are modern fuel injection, less maintenance, no icing or vapor lock, cheaper and 35lbs lighter then the Rotax 915. Please call for current pricing.

Our motor produces more power than the 915 and is user tunable. We can do custom builds for your specific application like high altitude work in UAVs or we can detune it to a lower power from 115-160hp to fit your needs. These engines are rapidly racking up flight time and proven dyno hours. With ECU wastgate control there are safe guards to lower boost if preset warnings are encountered like high water temp, high intake air temp or lean wide band AFR.

Over 200 of these motors sold worldwide!

This it not an OEM Rotax kit and it will void the engine warranty! Contact us for further details.

We perform the following to your engine:

  • Welded crankshaft
  • Balancing of crankshaft
  • Install EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection)
  • Install forged EP pistons with 8.5:1 CR with ceramic and teflon coating
  • Modify the gearbox for increased power and torque
  • Install our ECU operated boost controller
  • Install modified 914 exhaust and muffler to our spec
  • Install EP Turbo camshaft
  • Lower fuel consumption
  • No vapor lock
  • No carb icing
  • No “carb-sync”
  • Save 2-6lbs vs stock configuration
  • Smoother running and far less vibration
  • Increase in power
  • Lower idle for shorter landings
  • Will start even in -35° just like a modern car due to high-pressure fuel injectors