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.This engine starts out as a brand new 912ULS, we then machine the cases halfs and cylinder heads and fit our 1621cc big bore kit and our unique fuel injection system, offering better fuel economy, less weight and a considerable increase in power and torque. A simple, lightweight and compact engine with a great punch ensuring a simple and easy installation.



  • 30HP more than the Rotax 912ULS/iS
  • 9Kg / 20lb lighter than a 912iS
  • 2Kg / 4lb lighter than a 912ULS
  • More fuel efficient
  • 1621cc
  • 10.5:1 Compression ratio
  • 92.00 x 61.00mm (Bore x Stroke)
  • Modern fuel injection with Bosch sensors and injectors
  • 4-1 intake system with shaftless throttle body
  • Dual fuel pumps, coolant temp adapter, AN hoses and fittings, silcone coolant hoses, wiring harness, O2 sensor and several key installation items included
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